Client Satisfaction

Rated one of the Top Creative Agencies and App Development Companies, two years running.

Remarkable experiences for our clients and their customers.

“Working with our CEO can present challenges in terms of understanding what he wants and how his mind works, and you guys handle that well."

- A startup w/ big goals

“I'd love to work with John again on a longer project with less time pressure."

- A Local Agency Partner

“I often felt ready to explode with ideas and questions outside of the focus. Morgan kept me on track."

- A financial services client

“Overall very positive experience again working with PN team. I look forward to future sprints, thank you!"

- A serial entrepreneur

“But I am really impressed with your work, and the experience was really pleasant. Having Alie as a relationship liaison is really helpful--she is great! But all around great experience."

- An online editorial

“Y’all are the best!"

- A franchise management startup founder

“The level of creativity and technical competency found within this team gave me the confidence that no matter the challenge, we would overcome it in a modern, user-focused way. If given the opportunity, I would work with this team again in a heartbeat."

- The Product Owner from earlier

“I thought the coordination between our teams was top-notch, and the project was handled great at every step along the way."

- Large Scale Event Company

“Thanks again for all your hard work and giving us the time and flexibility with this hectic project. I appreciate everyone’s work and time into this site!"

- An insurance startup founder

“The team did a great job. Ben went out of his way to get the API implementation correct. Overall very positive experience. Thanks!"

- From a secret client

“I have never worked with a better team in my life. The team was incredibly cohesive, transparent when making decisions, and committed to the overall project."

- Product Owner at a large, publically traded franchise

“I worked with Polar Notion on both a website and then later on a companion iOS App. Great team to work with, easy communications, and the final product exceeded my expectations."

- A Polar Notion Client for over 3 years

“Everything was organized, making me comfortable with the organization's ability to execute."

- A financial services COO

“Great team to work with. Transparent, professional and good at what they do. I would recommend them to anyone."

- Former Coca Cola executive

“You’re wizards mate!”

- Clients from across the pond.

“They can make miracles happen in terms of coding”

- Our favorite client ;)

“The website saw a 120% increase in subscribers after Polar Notion's work. Polar Notion's technical prowess shined; they were able to automate this idiosyncratic complex process, and deliver a pioneering website.”

- A nonprofit editorial

“Morgan, their CEO, is highly intelligent and works with business solutions in mind while building new technology.”

- A vacation rental business

“Polar Notion displayed sound business sensibilities, they thought through business solutions, designs, and developments.”

- A vacation rental business

“Revenues increased after the platform launch. Polar Notion's project management was impressive.”

- A online education platform

“I felt like they’ve been a real partner for us in developing this.”

- A online education platform


If you dig our style, you'll love working with us.

Though we could most simply be described as a software engineering team that designs and develops web and mobile apps, we are far from normal. Hopefully our values say it best:

We pursue excellence, not perfection.

Whether the work we do or the way we do it, quality is at the forefront of our minds. Mistakes happen, but our pursuit of excellence means we learn fast and are constantly improving.

We create remarkable experiences.

A remarkable experience for our team, our clients, and their customers is our priority. It comes down to honor, respect, and communication.

We are effectively human.

Though playfully put, being ‘effectively human’ captures the tension of programing cold, rigid machines for living, breathing people. Efficiency and productivity are important, but aren’t the goal. We engineer solutions that amplify human experiences.

We go boldly forward.

Courageous, forward movement is key to innovating and doing work that matters. We collaborate and push ourselves to improve and bring others with us.


Coffee, lunch, or beer... whatever works for you. We welcome bold ideas, new opportunities, and all those who enjoy the journey as much as the destination. Let’s create something great together.


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