Enhanced Digital Experience

END IT Movement Digital Experience Case Study

END IT Movement is an organization on a mission to end modern day slavery. They raise awareness of the issue and partner with other organizations doing great work to fight this injustice.

As such a visible organization, branding and design are vital. Here are two of the main themes we identified in working with the END IT team.

Focus on Engagement

Because the issue itself is so heavy, we wanted the site to be engaging and accessible. It's easy for people to become desensitized and avoid hard topics like these. We wanted the website to be something that drew people in and provided a seamless user experience.

Not Too Polished

The movement itself is grassroots, so that needed to be reflected in the brand and website. Although the design decisions were intentional, we wanted the user to feel like they had control and could take action — whether in the digital environment we built or out in the real world. This meant we didn't want the site to feel too polished or put together.

Here are a few specific ways we implemented these ideas

  • Poster builder — we created a tool for users to design their own posters. They could select from a library of images we curated, or upload their own. We included filters, text editing, and a drawing tool.
  • Interactive design — there are countless places around the website that the users actions make small changes to the design. One example - as they scroll over a grid of 'X's, they rapidly change format, and remain on the last format after their cursor rolls off.
  • Sticky Scroll — as you scroll down, some image blocks stick in place, even as they change images. This helps the user transition between sections without much friction.
  • P.S. END IT Movement is evolving, so we're currently working on a V2 of this site to help them leverage a new approach and future opportunities.

Read more about the END IT movement here.