Online Curriculum Platform

A Growing Leaders Case Study

Growing Leaders is a Non-Profit based in Norcross, GA. Founded in 2003, Growing Leaders builds leadership skills in high school and college students. Partnering with over 10,000 schools and organizations, Growing Leaders has impacted over 750,000 leaders.

They use a unique curriculum called Habitudes, which uses images and mental models to teach leadership habits and attitudes. Since the beginning, Growing Leaders has made a world-wide impact by serving over 70 countries.

The Problem

As Growing Leaders grew, physical resources limited their ability to scale quickly and efficiently. Organizations using Habitudes on a larger scale had a high cost and they had to purchase leader kits for each class. Additionally, translating and updating materials was difficult for both inventory and turnaround. Growing Leaders needed to find a way to move the resources onto a online platform while maintaining their intellectual property.

The Solution

We created a digital version of Habitudes.

We started simple. In Version 1, the content was uploaded as a PDF or MP4 and organized by course and organization. Growing Leaders controlled user access levels and tracked important data regarding how the tools were being used.

After Version One proved the concept, we moved forward with Version 2. In this second phase, we made a few big updates.

  • Improved user experience — took feedback and learnings from V1 to create a better experience for the end user
  • Polished design — not only was the user experience improved, but the ascetics took a huge step forward. Often under-appreciated, great design is a huge factor in overall client experience.
  • More admin control — Growing Leaders could create and edit content straight from the page. No more tedious process of editing in a word document → exporting to a PDF → uploading!


Moving forward, Growing Leaders is well positioned to grow and scale. While HabitudesOnline is not the only reason for this, it certainly contributes to it.

HabitudesOnline helped Growing Leaders…

  • Reach 1,000+ active users on the site, and growing
  • Increase capacity to develop new curriculum and better products
  • Improve accessibility of curriculum, including internationally
  • Reduce the overall cost of goods and labor needed to support their partners (customers)
  • Protect Intellectual Property in digital materials

Read more about Growing Leaders and HabitudesOnline here.