We are Polar Notion

By Morgan J Lopes on December 12, 2012

Though we could most simply be described as a software engineering team that designs and develops web and mobile apps, we are far from normal. Hopefully our values say it best…

We pursue excellence, not perfection.

Whether the work we do or the way we do it, quality is at the forefront of our minds. Mistakes happen, but our pursuit of excellence means we learn fast and are constantly improving.

We create remarkable experiences.

A remarkable experience for our team, our clients, and their customers is our priority. It comes down to honor, respect, and communication.

We are effectively human.

Though playfully put, being ‘effectively human’ captures the tension of programing cold, rigid machines for living, breathing people. Efficiency and productivity are important, but aren’t the goal. We engineer solutions that amplify human experiences.

We go boldly forward.

Courageous, forward movement is key to innovating and doing work that matters. We collaborate and push ourselves to improve and bring others with us.

As our team and expertise grow, we’re fortunate to be solving more complex problems both digitally, through web and mobile apps, as well as in the physical world, through integrated hardware solutions. While we care deeply about the work we do, we value people above all else.