What’s the Difference?

By Morgan J Lopes on September 1, 2019

We pursue focus.

Our team members focus on one project at a time. We’ve found this pursuit produces exponentially better results than spreading them across multiple projects.

We all know that great ideas happen when we’re on a walk or in the shower. When we’re working on one objective at a time, the value of that attention trickles down to our clients. For that reason it’s actually focus, not time, that we sell.

We educate clients.

Technology is moving fast. Rather than treating our knowledge and expertise as a secret sauce or back box, we give openly of insights and ideas. This allows our clients to grow along side us rather than becoming dependent on us. We’d rather a delighted audience than a captive one.

We don’t expect those who work with us to become an expert, but the alternative doesn’t have to be getting left in the dark.

We speak human.

With an industry so full of jargon and misused phrases, we cut through the clutter and use real words that can be understood by real humans. If you want further explanation, we’ll provide it. Technology projects can be particularly daunting for nontechnical teams. Understanding that, we do what we can to make the process as painless as possible.

Business to business is ultimately person to person in the end, so we like to start there.

We are transparent.

Work is clearly defined in two week chunks. Rather than promising the moon and missing the mark or coming up short, we simplify the work to be done, take action, evaluate the progress, then repeat. It’s a battle tested process we’re constantly redefining but we’ve found it delivers excellent results.

We’ve all heard horror stories, of projects that end 6 months over deadline or 200% over budget. Frankly, we’ve had some low moments ourselves. Today however, our process removes the uncertainty, surprise, and mystery.
Being different matters very little if it’s not also better. This is why we’re constantly investing in new practices and processes to iron out wrinkles that pop up. Excellent, not perfection, is our target and we’re continually making strides to improves each step of the process.